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Ten years ago, Ryder Marks left his home, Sky Lake, to prove his worth. He left without goodbyes or explanation. Now he has returned as part owner of Sky Lake and owner of a successful business he built from scratch, but he didn’t figure on the impact of meeting the girl he left behind.

Peyton Brooks is completely sideswiped by Ryder’s return. He had abandoned her ten years before and she wasn’t ready to deal with him or tell him about a daughter he knew nothing about. Life, as she had made it, was about to change and she wasn’t prepared for that.

The poignancy of Ryder’s relationship with his father is heartbreaking and rebuilding something with Peyton is fraught with mistrust as she struggles with her own emotions towards him.

For me, Ryder is the main character, complex and tormented by the demons of his childhood, he vows his child will know she is loved every day of her life. But he and Peyton need to find a middle ground. While he needs her to believe in him, she needs to know why he abandoned her, left her without explanation or the chance to understand.

This is a wonderful story about forgiveness and love, in all its forms. It is thoroughly laced with emotion and I’ve no doubt will bring you to tears as it did me. A truly beautiful story. Highly recommended.



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Seven children adopted or fostered by a renowned neurosurgeon and philanthropist and many dark secrets makes for a gripping read from start to finish.

When Allison, the youngest of the children, returns to visit her dying foster father, she fears for her safety. Thirteen years before, her elderly aunt had removed her from the doctor’s care after she suffered a serious accident iunder suspicious circumstances. Allison suffered retrograde amnesia making her unable to remember either the accident or the period immediately before it. But she fears being alone more and stays longer than she planned having just been dumped as the mistress of a well known billionaire.

As she rekindles the relationship with her foster siblings, scraps of memory start to emerge and she discovers two more foster children she knew nothing about. Whilst an attraction between Allison and her oldest brother grows deeper, she endeavours to unravel the secrets that seem to shroud the family and learn the truth about her accident. But each of her siblings have their own secrets and trust becomes an issue.

This book seduced me on the first page and held me tightly, through all its twists and turns, to the very end. I could not put it down. The characterisation is wonderful and the setting, equally so. The darkness is delightfully tempered by moments of irreverent humour and witty dialogue. It’s is a story of family, of love and pain and of the morally questionable lengths one will go to under the guise of caring.

It is a must read!

Publisher:  Harlequin Mira, 2018

iSBN:  9781488027994





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