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Bram and Fi are separated and have a birds nest arrangement to make it easier on their children. Bram has kept many things from Fi during their marriage and one of them rips apart his entire life and that of his family.

When Fi comes back from a weekend away with a new beau, she comes home to find a young couple moving into her house, a house they have apparently bought from her (and Bram). The drama continues as she tries to find out what has happened, but Bram has disappeared and slowly, facts come to light that leave her reeling.

This is a really interesting format for a book. The story is basically told via a podcast and a word document, each being the point of view of one of the main characters. It’s very compelling.

The main characters are really well developed and although Bram has many faults, he remains likeable in spite of them. I wanted to not like him, but found that impossible. Fi is not perfect either. They’re human…I guess that explains it for the most part.

The other characters too, are well drawn and along with the plot, they all combine to reel you in and keep you on the hook.

I loved this book. The plot was really interesting and told in an easy, comfortable style. There was a good build up of tension and there was that frisson of fear behind it all, that this could really happen.

Great book. Highly recommend.



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