Ten years ago, Ryder Marks left his home, Sky Lake, to prove his worth. He left without goodbyes or explanation. Now he has returned as part owner of Sky Lake and owner of a successful business he built from scratch, but he didn’t figure on the impact of meeting the girl he left behind.

Peyton Brooks is completely sideswiped by Ryder’s return. He had abandoned her ten years before and she wasn’t ready to deal with him or tell him about a daughter he knew nothing about. Life, as she had made it, was about to change and she wasn’t prepared for that.

The poignancy of Ryder’s relationship with his father is heartbreaking and rebuilding something with Peyton is fraught with mistrust as she struggles with her own emotions towards him.

For me, Ryder is the main character, complex and tormented by the demons of his childhood, he vows his child will know she is loved every day of her life. But he and Peyton need to find a middle ground. While he needs her to believe in him, she needs to know why he abandoned her, left her without explanation or the chance to understand.

This is a wonderful story about forgiveness and love, in all its forms. It is thoroughly laced with emotion and I’ve no doubt will bring you to tears as it did me. A truly beautiful story. Highly recommended.



Hannah is a workaholic. She has virtually no life outside of work, but then she doesn’t trust her instincts when it comes to men thanks to her last, disastrous relationship. Her family doesn’t really appreciate the complexities of her job and she never really feels like she measures up for them.

Mason is a firefighter and is captivated by Hannah after a chance meeting. When she walks away from him, he is determined to find her and get to know her better.

This is a lovely romance and oh boy, if you like steam, this book has plenty! There is plenty else to keep you interested though. There is a little suspense thrown in that will keep you guessing a while along with a few other characters varying from the sleazy to the quirky. Mason’s family….5 brothers….hooked me in too.

I loved the whole book from start to finish. I loved the main characters, who were warm and while Mason was quite straightforward, Hannah was quite complex. It made for a good mix. The steam….well yeah, that was pretty darn hot.

As a hot romance, this worked super well, so if this is your genre, this one is absolutely sigh worthy. I definitely recommend it…but find a quiet place where you can read undisturbed.




Annie Logan is depressed and drinking too much, but then her husband is Chief of Staff to the President and while he lives in Washington DC, Annie lives in their home in Florida.

One night while using her computer, someone grabs control of it remotely and demands Annie use her influence with her husband regarding an Executive Order the President is about to sign. She must try to have it stopped or the Logan’s lives will be ruined.

Yang Lee, a Chinese national, is a master hacker and assassin for hire. He sets in motion a series of events that will leave you reeling, sitting on the edge of your seat as the story unfolds.

This is a riveting story from the start. It’s well told and the characters are well developed and believable. If you don’t think technology is scary now, you will when you read this.

I love a really good thriller and this is a really good one. It didn’t disappoint me in any way and kept me reading till I finished it. I thoroughly enjoyed every minute. Great plot, builds tension really well and the resolution was completely unexpected.

This is an awesome political thriller….highly recommended.


Wow! What a fabulous second book in the Murphy Brothers series. If it was truly possible to fall in love with a character, Finn would be that character.

Finn is the quiet brother, the one who never quite fit in. As an adult he is a Professor of Literature at Stanford University, a job he loves, but he has slowly become aware that he wants something more.

When Emmy Warner stumbles into his first class of the semester, it changes everything for him….he cannot get her out of his mind.
He is, though, a consummate professional and a rule follower and he knows that he must move past it.

Emmy, having been through hell and back, just wants a chance to go to university and be a regular student, even If she is a bit older. However, she has become a subject of torture and ridicule for another student.

While Finn tries to ignore his growing feelings for Emmy, she tries to ignore the horror of her fellow student, Shelby, who, for unknown reasons, seems to have it in for her.

When Shelby’s cruelty seems to have no boundaries Finn can no longer deny his feelings and wants to protect Emmy against it all. They break all the rules and finally declare their feelings for each other. For the first time in his life, something is more important to him than rule following. But life still hasn’t finished with the two and when it all comes to a head, the Murphy family gather around them protectively.

I loved the first book in the series, but this one I truly couldn’t put down. The characters were so beautifully real and their pain (and moments of happiness) were palpable. The plot was cleverly constructed so that it was simple enough to be totally believable and yet the underlying motives were complex and suspenseful. The romance…..simply sigh worthy. It made for excellent reading.

The Murphy family quickly works its way into your heart and I can’t wait for the next book in the series. If you want a romance that has everything, I highly recommend this one.


Sidney Ryan is an up and coming documentary film maker. When she decides to take on investigating a ten year old murder case, she finds herself mired in mishandled evidence. With the help of various outsiders to the case, she stumbles onto the resolution with explosive consequences.

This is a gripping story which will keep you guessing all the way through the investigation. It is well written and cleverly constructed to keep your interest piqued, and just when you think you have a handle on it…you don’t.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book and though the ending blew me away, I found I wanted more. That said, there was no cliffhanger, but I was left with the feeling that it wasn’t over. Will this turn into a series? I’m not sure, but I’ll be there to read the next one if there is. Hell, I’ll read Donlea’s next book period!

A really great read for anyone who doesn’t like predictability. Highly recommended.




Delaney McBride was almost broke, had no job and no prospects for one in the immediate future. What she did have was an inheritance from her great aunt. But to claim that, she would have to go back to Birch Harbor and that would mean running into her childhood crush, Mike Connery, who is also one of the group of beneficiaries to her great aunt’s will.

The will stipulates that all of the beneficiaries must successfully complete the tasks given for any of them to inherit. To that end, Mike is advised to romance Delaney since it is uncertain that she will stay the course.

This is a really lovely romance, sweet, but not without its conflicts. The characters are easy to relate to and the group dynamics are interesting and often humourous. I particularly liked the two Henrys, who epitomise grumpy old men. It is an easy read, but a most entertaining one, so if you’re looking for a feel good story, this fits the bill superbly.


Erica Teague is an accountant, set up by her ex to take the fall for his embezzlement. When she meets Lachlan, the chemistry between them is mindblowing and she is almost unable to resist his charms. But Lachlan has secrets of his own.

I don’t read a lot of erotic romance because I tend to find them a tad ‘same old, same old’. (That said, I’m confused between erotic and steamy….are they the same? Maybe…..maybe not.) This one however, grabbed my interest. (Perhaps it was the kilt.) There was a decent plot and the characters were well developed and easily likeable.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. The erotic scenes were well written and respectful, and to be honest – pretty darn hot. I think keeping Erika and Lachlan’s own stories fairly simple gave strength to the plot and made their romance far more believable.

There is plenty of steamy sex and a fair helping of mystery. I loved the characters – tortured, yet not weak – and there was enough humour to lighten things up where needed. Lachlan was indeed a hot Scot and I loved the whole Scottish element.

All in all, this was a hot read with a good storyline. Will I read the others in the series? You betcha!



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